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RioVIDEO is focused on delivering flexible cost effective live video compression technology, to meet the demands of low bandwidth networks for TV and media applications. Based in Southampton, United Kingdom, the company is an energetic startup with core expertise in video and audio compression.

All RioVIDEO products are software defined running on COTs hardware, enabling rapid deployment and customisation for specific customer needs. RioVIDEO may also provide "white label" versions of specific products to enable customers full rebranding customisation.

Products RV-HD

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The RV-HD is a flexible compact multi-purpose 1RU encoder platform targeted at a variety of applications. At its core is a High Performance Compute (HPC) engine that is designed to accommodate the rapid developments in next generation compression technology, such as HEVC/H.265 and AV1.

The platform also supports standard AVC/H.264 and MPEG2/H.262 of today. With flexible HPC architecture, the RioVIDEO RV-HD delivers efficient compression performance with a range of connectivity options.

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    Point to point encoding
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    Encoding for IPTV STB
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    Encoding OTT to devices

Using the RV-HD for OTT delivery:

The RV-HD enables seamless delivery of small scale OTT deployments. Baseband input or transcode from IP inputs.

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    Supported codecs:
  • AVC
  • HEVC
  • AV1
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    OTT stream delivery formats
  • Raw MPEG TS over IP/UDP
  • Local HTTP Origin server
  • RTMP
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    OTT interop with
  • Custom operator CMS
  • Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Zixi Broadcaster

Products RV-HDx

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Time to save money and move away from traditional satellite uplinks and leased line contribution connectivity?

The RV-HDx is the perfect fully integrated single unit solution for unparalleled contribution and distribution using unmanaged networks. This is achieved through the integration of VideoFlow's DVP (Digital Video Protection) technology, pioneers in unmanaged IP network delivery.

With uncompromised video quality and high performance protected internet connectivity delivered in a single 1RU short depth chassis, the RV-HDx may be configured for uni-directional or bi-directional live broadcast links.

Using the public internet offers significant opex cost reduction compared to traditional dedicated uplinks and cercirts, whilst maintaining the quality and latency expected for professional media and broadcast applications.

The RV-HDx is targeted at live sports events, news coverage and occasional use connectivity. With a simple capex sales model, the RV-HDx may seamlessly be integrated into existing and green field workflows.

The RV-HDx offers a range of video codec solutions including industry standard AVC, HEVC in addition to emerging codecs such as AV1.

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    RV-HDx Applications:
  • Occasional use
  • News coverage
  • Events coverage
  • Live sports contribution
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    RV-HDx Networks
  • ADSL
  • 3/4G Mobile
  • Satellite KA band
  • fibre/fixed line

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